Build a Logo That Evolves with Your Brand


Times change, people change, and brands change right along with them.

Change is reflected not only in the core values of your organization but also in your designs. And certain graphic elements age better than others. When shaping your visual identity, it’s essential to consider your logo’s life cycle because a logo is the front door of your brand image.

3 Question to Ask Before Your Rebrand

Does your logo need a refresh? Here are three areas to focus on as you process that question:

1. Graphics: Do the primary shapes and elements in your logo look dated? Can you make minor changes or simplify the artwork to modernize your logo?

2. Color: Is your logo’s color scheme old-fashioned or inconsistent with your branding? Can you refresh it by using different shades of the same color?

3. Typography: Do the logo fonts match your brand personality? Can you fix the design by choosing a more streamlined, timeless font?

If you are planning an update, a partial edit may be less risky than a full rebrand. 

But if you do go all in, make sure you carefully consider the life cycle of your new logo. Trends come and go. While it’s fun to be edgy, timeless designs are more likely to connect with your target customers for years to come. 

How to Create an Image that Lasts a Lifetime


To create an enduring image:

  • Go for colors and graphics that are simple, bold, and easily identifiable (think of the VW Volkswagon emblem, for example)
  • Stick to a classic font and make it the focal point of your image
  • Try monochrome formats if you’re using more intricate design details (like a tree with many branches)
  • Choose elements and fonts that work well across a variety of print and digital media 
  • Use grainy textures or vintage styles to give your logo a sense of maturity or a look that purposefully leans into the past

Establishing a strong logo may take some time, thought, and market research, but it is certainly worth it! Brand builders must look ahead to stay ahead because the most cohesive brands will last.


Brand Identity Essentials, Revised and Expanded: 100 Principles for Building Brands

by by Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim

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A company's identity encompasses far more than just its logo. Identity is crucial to establishing the public's perception of a company, its products, and its effectiveness—and it's the designer's job to envision the brand and create what the public sees. Brand Identity Essentials, a classic design reference now updated and expanded, lays a foundation for brand building, illustrating the construction of strong brands through examples of world-class design.

Topics include: A Sense of Place, Cultural Symbols, Logos as Storytellers, What is "On Brand?", Brand Psychology, Building an Online Identity, Managing Multiple Brands, Owning an Aesthetic, Logo Lifecycles, Programs That Stand Out, Promising Something, and Honesty is Sustainable

The new, revised edition expands each of the categories, descriptions, and selections of images, and incorporates emergent themes in digital design and delivery that have developed since the book first appeared.

Brand Identity Essentials is a must-have reference for budding design professionals and established designers alike.